What is Counselling?

Sometimes life can seem hard to deal with, it can be stressful, complicated or may seem endlessly predictable.  You may not want to talk to others because you don’t want to burden them or you simply don’t know where to start to share your ‘stuff’. Counselling can offer you space in your life to focus on what is troubling you and to find a way through things without being judged.  It also provides a comfortable, confidential environment where you take some time away so you can start to consider and explore how things might change for you.

Some of the things clients have brought to counselling are:

Feeling that they have never really ‘fitted in’

Dealing with loss (bereavement, redundancy, separation in relationships)

Living with the effects of abuse (alcohol, drugs, sexual, emotional, physical)

Never feeling good enough, that they are to blame for the difficulties they have

Living with anxiety, depression, anger, troubling thoughts

Unsure as to who they really are and how others in their lives see them

Difficulties at work and with career decisions

As a counsellor I believe there is real power in being able to ‘offload’ to a neutral person, someone who will not judge you and give you their solution or their own opinion. The very act of talking and/or expressing emotions in a creative way can help to build a different way of seeing things, of seeking change.

“Sometimes you just need to talk about something……just to kill its power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air.”  ~ Karen Salmansohn